Plastic surgery can be expensive, but not nearly as costly as you think.

A plastic surgeon’s salary is about $40,000 a year, and there are plenty of other benefits to having a plastic surgeon.

Here are five things you need to know about getting your plastic surgeons job done.1.

Your salary depends on your ageWhen your plastic surgeon makes a decision about what type of surgery you’re looking for, they usually pay for it out of pocket.

But a plastic surgery appointment can be as simple as filling out a form and then calling the plastic surgeon to schedule an appointment.

You’ll get a check-in number, the plastic surgeons appointment, and your payment.

It may take up to a week for your payment to arrive, depending on your credit card and bank account.

You can see if your plastic surgeries appointment is currently scheduled on the online doctor’s office page, or call the plastic surgery office directly.2.

Your plastic surgeon doesn’t just make the final decision about your cosmetic surgery appointment.

Your plastic surgeon also has to consider your needs and your family history, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Your doctor’s opinion is based on your body type and age, your skin color, your hair, and other factors.

Your insurance will cover a portion of the cost of your surgery, but if you can’t pay, your surgeon can still pay the cost directly to your insurance company.3.

Your surgery may take a few weeks to get to you.

If your surgeon is already scheduled to see you for an appointment, they may not schedule the procedure for until after you’ve left the doctor’s room.

If you’re concerned about missing the appointment, talk to your doctor or plastic surgeon about scheduling an appointment with them on a later date.4.

Your money isn’t guaranteedThere’s a chance you won’t get paid until the surgery is complete.

Your surgeon will send your payment through your insurance provider, which will then pay out a portion to your payment, according the American Academy of Plastic Surgery.

It’s important to keep this in mind, since the payment amount is usually paid by your insurance, and not by the plastic operations office.5.

Plastic surgery isn’t always free.

Your surgeon may charge you more than $10,000 for the procedure.

If they don’t charge you enough to cover the costs, you may have to pay for the entire procedure yourself.

Your cost of $20,000 is just for the surgery itself, and you’ll still be covered for any other procedures that you need.

If you’re considering having a procedure like plastic surgery, ask your plastic doctor if you’ll be able to pay the full amount upfront or if you need more information.