Plastic folding chairs are becoming increasingly popular in Australia and one of the world’s largest furniture manufacturers is getting in on the action with a new product.

Key points:The company says it is introducing a new folding chair that folds and rests in plastic, which is easier to clean and more durableThe chair can be folded and stored in a washing machineThe chair is made from plastic and folds and rest in plastic plasticThe product is called a plastic folding chair and can be bought at a wide range of retailers, including Walmart and Polyethylene Plastic.

“We are very excited to introduce a new new folding product to our Australian retail stores and are excited to have a global customer base for this new product,” said Robyn Wigmore, vice president of consumer marketing for Walmart Australia.

“It is an innovation that will bring a new level of convenience to Australian households, and the products are made from quality, recycled materials.”

The product folds and folds beautifully, and will easily wash and dry in a standard washing machine.

“The new folding chairs use a polymer to fabricate the frame.

The fabric is then covered with polyethylene, which the chair will also fold and rest on.

The product has already been available in Australia.

Walmart Australia has launched two of the new folding folding chairs in a number of stores, including its main Sydney store, Walmarts at the corner of Spruce and Macquarie Streets.

The first of the two new folding furniture is the Bento Chair, which measures 42cm x 18cm x 11cm and weighs about one kilogram.

The other new folding table is the Plastic Folding Chair, with a length of 22cm x 15cm x 12cm.”

These new folding products are perfect for the modern family,” said Walmars vice-president of product innovation, Greg Fries.”

They are simple, durable and can fold in a matter of minutes.

“The company said that the new products are also more eco-friendly than the current plastic folding chairs.”

Most folding chairs do not fold, as the material can be used for other things in the home,” said Mr Fries, adding that the plastic folding products use more recycled materials to reduce waste.”

Instead of recycling a piece of plastic for a chair, we reuse the material for other household items, such as a bed or a cupboard.

“As we reduce our footprint in the environment, the use of plastic in our products reduces our impact on the environment and our planet’s resources.”

The two new products can be purchased in Australian stores for $50 to $60 each.