A new report by Australian Financial Press reveals the biggest and most prolific waste-making companies in Australia.

Key findings:The report also shows that the biggest recycling company, Polymer Packaging Co, is the world’s largest recycling company with more than 1,000 recycling centres in Australia and in overseas markets.

It has more than 3,000 recycled containers and recyclables for every 1,500 tonnes of packaging.

Key highlights:Auckland-based Polymer has been one of the world leaders in plastic recycling for the last decade.

The company’s recycling operations in the region include the New Plymouth, North Shore, Christchurch and Wellington facilities.

Polymer has about 400 staff, with about 30 people in each facility, and about 400 employees working on recycling and packaging.

About 2,400 tonnes of polyester packaging and 1,200 tonnes of recycled plastic is produced annually in the New Zealand region.

About 700 tonnes of plastic is recycled every year, about 40 per cent of which is recycled from the region’s oceans.

Polymers are a widely used and widely used packaging material, with some products containing up to 40 per cbs of mercury and up to 1.5 per cent is considered a carcinogen.

The report says the industry is facing an estimated $3 billion annual waste bill and about $20 billion in environmental costs.

The Australian Recycling Federation (ARCF) says recycling and plastic packaging should be the industry’s priority, and it has called for a ban on plastic packaging.

The ARCF said there was an urgent need to end plastic waste from the plastics industry, as the plastics sector was responsible for more than 50 per cent.

“This includes a large number of plastics products including bags, bottles, containers and packaging, and a significant proportion of the waste is coming from this sector.

It is also a significant source of CO2 emissions and is also the main source of pollution to our environment,” the association said.”

We need a comprehensive plan for a sustainable plastic waste solution that takes into account both current technologies and the needs of our industries.”

The ARC, which represents a range of Australian industries, including telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and health and safety, has been lobbying for a nationwide ban on the use of polyethylene plastic for packaging.

“It is important that we have the right to demand that governments, businesses and consumers have a choice of plastic-based products, and they should not be made to choose between the benefits and the environmental impacts of the materials they are choosing to use,” the organisation said.

The National Waste Management Authority (NWMA) has issued advice to its members to help them identify waste management strategies.

The authority has also been in the spotlight for its role in the removal of more than 80 million tonnes of waste from landfill each year.