Walmart is using plastic cake bins for its plastic cake sale, and it has made more than $4 million selling it.

The plastic bins are used in the plastic packaging for plastic cake, and the company is making money on it by selling it in Walmart stores.

Walmart used to sell it in the Walmart store but stopped doing so after the 2016 presidential election.

Walmart says it has about 10 million plastic cake pans, but according to an April filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission, it is selling more than 30 million plastic binned cakes.

The company’s financial statements indicate that it made about $4,900 in sales per pan.

That’s roughly $8,000 per day for the company.

According to the filing, Walmart made about 3.3 million plastic bins in 2016.

That’s about $3,000 for every pan that Walmart sells.

But the company says it can sell more than three million plastic cakes a day.

The report also states that Walmart made more money last year by selling its plastic bins.

The company says that it sold the bins for $1.95 each.

The filing also says that Walmart also made about 4.8 million plastic containers in 2016, including the ones that Walmart is selling for $3.95 a pound.

Walter Robb, vice president of the company’s business operations, said in a statement that the company will continue to make money by selling the plastic bins at its stores.

Wal-Mart is also making money by using plastic bags to make its plastic cakes, according to the report.

The bins have been in Walmart’s packaging since 2008, and are now in the recycling bin section of the stores.

Robb told CNBC in April that plastic bags are not as recyclable as paper or cardboard.

The bags are recyclible in terms of their paper and cardboard.

But they can be composted.