Plastic cups, glass, and other containers are a big source of waste, with the United States estimated to throw away around 5 billion plastic cups a year.

Plastic surgeries and cosmetic procedures are the most popular, followed by food packaging and other household items.

But it turns out you can use plastics to make plastic-free cosmetics and home decor.

For the past five years, plastic surgeon David Siegel has been making the plastic heaves to make cosmetic products out of the stuff he collects.

It’s the first time he’s been making cosmetics out of it.

“I think the beauty industry is starting to realize the value of plastics,” Siegel said.

“It’s very easy to make these products.

They’re easy to recycle.

They’ll be a great ingredient for the cosmetic industry, and that’s what’s really exciting for me.”

Siegel has a new line of cosmetic products made out of plastic, called “Pelican” and is opening up to the public in October.

His company will sell a set of plastic cups made out a mixture of glass, plastic, and a mix of polyethylene and polyurethane.

Siegel says he has already sold 100,000 plastic cups.

He says his company is hoping to open up more plastic-making companies to make more products like the ones he makes with the new products.

The idea of making cosmetic products from plastic comes from a couple of different things.

The first is the fact that plastic is cheap.

It is an inexpensive material.

And so it’s a natural material to make your own plastic-based products.

The second is the idea of having these materials as a way to be able to recycle and to do things like reuse plastics and to recycle plastics that you don’t want to waste.

And that’s exactly what you see with Pelican.

“It’s not about a single brand, he said.

He has a couple different brands out.

One is a brand that’s been around for years, and it’s called “Sculpture” that is made out the same kind of material that’s used in traditional sculptures.

It has a very simple process to make it.

And then you have the other brand, which is called “Lush.”

This is a slightly different material, which allows it to be made out to a much larger size and a very beautiful finish.

It is just a great material for making this type of cosmetic product,” Sauer said.

Siegel says that is because it is just as good as glass or any other material.

He said he has been experimenting with different materials, including acrylic and other polymers.

And now he has a set up to offer some of these materials at a discounted price.

“We have a couple products out in the store, but it’s going to be the same plastic cups that we’re using in the products, and you can get it for $9.99 and a lot cheaper,” Shingle said.

He said the plastic cups are just like any other plastic-covered container that you would use to fill your kitchen cupboard.

They come in different sizes and colors, and they have different shapes and shapes.

It looks very natural.

“The glass cups are a bit more difficult to make.

It just comes out really beautiful, and the plastic is not as easy to get,” Sink said.

You can see what you can expect with PelimanCosmetics.

The company is starting a line of plastic products made from recycled plastic.

Sauer said they’ve been working on making products with more sustainable materials.

He wants to start making products that are as sustainable as possible, and then he hopes to be making more of these plastic-made products.