The American Plastic Manufacturer Association says plastic is a waste that will be a problem for years to come.

The group says it’s going to take a while for it to get rid of the plastic waste it produces, but the plastics industry has an important role to play in tackling it.

“The plastic industry is the largest contributor to the environment and it’s a very large contributor to economic activity,” said Bob Lutz, president of the American Plastic Manufacturers Association.

“I think it’s important to make sure we do something about this and make sure that people are taking care of their waste.

We want to make that happen.

I think that’s really important to the industry and it just makes sense for the country.”

To get rid or reduce the use of plastic, the American plastic manufacturers are partnering with recycling facilities.

The recycling facility, called the Recycle at Home program, has been in operation for a decade.

It recycles plastic containers, and it can make them from plastic and other recyclable materials.

The goal is to get plastic out of our landfills and into the landfilling process, so it can be recycled to make new plastic items.

The facility’s CEO says that, if the waste can’t be disposed of, the company will be able to use the materials to make more products.

“We have a great reputation in the industry, but what we have not been able to do is get rid.

We’re trying to get people to stop and think about what’s going on in their community and make a change,” said Gary Korte.

The company recycles 100 million plastic containers a year, so that means it has more than a million pieces of plastic littering the country’s landfuses every day.

Korte says that even though they recycle more than the national average, they still generate more than $400 million in waste.

“Every day they’re sending out that waste that’s just plastic, and I’m sorry to say it’s really bad.

The stuff that’s coming out of their landfill is just a mess,” said Kortes.

The problem is that the waste from recycling is not always as recyclables as the rest of the waste that they produce.

“Sometimes it’s just not recycled as much as we’d like it to be.

We don’t recycle enough plastic for the products that we make,” said Lutz.

So far, there is a plan to recycle more of the materials that go into new plastic products.

But recycling isn’t just about putting out the trash, it’s also about helping people take care of what they have.