The plastic surgeon who invented the swing set can now be found in a plastic surgery clinic.

In the last two years, Dr Andrew Naylor has performed more than 100,000 plastic surgeries and has made a living from the practice.

He started out as a young boy with a broken toe, but his mother convinced him to change his mind and that was when he started to make plastic surgery a regular part of his life.

“I used to spend hours doing the same procedure in the garage and it was not very fun,” he told Al Jazeera.

“But then I saw a plastic surgeon at a local hospital who wanted to make me feel good about it.

He explained that he could help me to do it more easily.”

For years, his career was focused on plastic surgery but after a couple of surgeries, he found that he was not ready to start a new career.

“The first time I got a job, I was looking at my desk and there was a picture of me and my wife on it,” he said.

“It was a photo of us holding hands and it made me think, ‘This is what I want’.”

But he realised that there was still more to be done and that the more he did, the more successful he would become.

His latest operation, which he says was a success, was to have the toe reattached.

“When I saw that the toe was not in my jawline and the toe is still in my leg, I said, ‘I’m done’,” he said, adding that the operation has allowed him to feel more confident in his job.

Dr Naylor’s new business, Plastic Plastic Surgery, is one of the biggest in Australia, and he has worked out of a studio in Melbourne.

“If you’re lucky enough to be a plastic artist, you’ve got to make money to survive and you need a studio to do that,” he explained.

“So we are the largest studio in the world, so we make a profit for the business and we also have a good clientele.”

The studio was recently acquired by an international business, and the new owners plan to expand it to the UK and the US.

But the biggest growth opportunity for the studio is in its home-grown business.

“We’ve got some great talent here in Australia and we’re going to continue to grow,” Dr Naylor said.

The studio has two studios, one at the Melbourne campus and one at a former family home in the city’s inner west.

“There’s a great mix of people and there are lots of students and people who have got degrees,” he added.

“Most of them are doing good work, and they’re doing it because they’re looking for a way to earn a living.”

Many of them have been through plastic surgery and they want to go on to something else.

They’ve got other interests and it’s a good way of getting them through.

“The surgery, which costs $150,000, is a quick fix for a plasticist who is struggling with the pressures of his job and has to be patient.”

You might get a job and you might not, but you’ll have the same pain,” he joked.”

At least I’m not working in a coffin.

I can just sit down and work.

“Dr Nason’s surgery has helped him to relax, but he is determined to keep doing it.”

Hopefully I’ll get another operation and the next one will be a better job,” he concluded.