A Lexington plastic surgeon is facing accusations of negligence and fraud after he allegedly billed the city of Lexington for plastic surgery without ever making an appointment.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported Monday that Michael J. D’Angelo, who has been a plastic surgeon for 22 years, billed the City of Lexington $1,500 for a plastic eye surgery in March.

The bill was made in error and a $200 check was returned to D’angelo, who had been billed $1.50, the newspaper reported.

D’Angelo told the paper he did not know what his billing information was and said he made an error.

He said he had called the city to complain about an “error in payment” after the bill was received, but had not heard back.

“The city did not send me a check for $200,” he said.

“They didn’t even send me my bill, they sent it to the credit card company.”

In the report, the Herald-Leaders said D’Orghast, who was a city employee, did not respond to several calls and emails requesting comment.

He said he does not have a security guard on duty at the office.

Dino, who did not return a call seeking comment, is currently a student at the University of Kentucky.

He declined to comment to CBC News.

A spokesperson for the city told the Herald Leader that he was working on a project in Lexington and would be available for comment when he returns.