Plastic chairs, plastic pipes and plastic hangers are among the items Walmart has banned from its stores.

The retailer says the ban is intended to keep items from getting into the hands of children and other potentially harmful people.

The move comes in response to a rash of cases of plastic items in recent weeks in stores, and also as the company grapples with rising customer demand for its signature products.

According to the company, the ban comes as part of a broader campaign to stop the spread of plastic into consumer products.

The ban comes in the wake of an outbreak of plastic ingestion in a Miami store.

On Monday, police said two people tested positive for the bacteria, which can cause infections and lead to death.

The case is the latest in a string of cases at the Walmart in the United States.

Last week, the company also banned the use of plastic forks and tongs.

And on Tuesday, a federal judge in Texas ordered the company to allow some of its plastic containers to be resold at a discount.