Posted June 05, 2018 04:10:00The doll you buy online or at a toy store might look like it’s made out of plastic but you can still tell if a surgery is a real operation by its size and shape.

Here’s what to look for in a doll’s body, surgery or plastic surgery.

The body is the thing that holds the doll together and is usually a plastic or rubber.

A plastic doll’s skin or hair is usually white and thick and doesn’t extend to the sides of the body.

The eyes, ears and nose can also be white and thin.

A doll’s ears can be long or short, wide or narrow.

If you’re unsure if a doll has been given a plastic procedure, try looking in the mirror or asking someone else to do the surgery.

It can take a few tries, and the doctor can usually tell you if a plastic doll is a replica of the original.

The doctor will likely ask you about your health, the type of surgery and whether the doll looks healthy.

You can ask a doctor about the dolls health history and whether he or she has performed a procedure on the doll before.

A doctor will also usually perform a surgery on the body of a doll if he or her has done a lot of body modifications on the dolls body.

If you’ve already seen a plastic surgeon and feel comfortable about the procedure, you’re likely to pass.

The doll’s face may be white or black, depending on the size of the plastic doll and the style of surgery.

Your doctor can sometimes tell you whether a doll is in the final stages of plastic surgery or is just on the way.

The skin of a plastic body will look like a light brown or pink color depending on how the doctor or doctor’s assistant has painted the skin.

The doctor may also remove a doll from a body and test it to make sure it’s in good shape.

The plastic doll can be made of plastic or metal, and some dollmakers use plastic parts for more realistic looks.

You may also find plastic parts in dolls and toy sets.

A doll made of metal or plastic is often called a “skeleton.”

The doll has a skeleton in its face, chest, back and legs.

A skeleton also has a leg that’s attached to it.

A plastic doll with a skeleton has no leg.

A dummy doll is also a skeleton doll, but a dummy has no head.

You may also see dolls with no eyes, a mouth and ears.

Most dollmakers also make doll faces with no noses.

A dummy is often a plastic replica of a real doll.

A fake doll is usually made of plaster or metal.

A plaster doll is much more realistic than a real one, because it’s much smaller.

A real doll is often made of wood or paper.

A clay doll, clay model or clay figure may be made out the same way.

When you see a doll with an artificial head or face, it’s usually a fake doll, not a real replica.

A replica of an artificial face is usually fake or an exact replica.

An artificial doll with hair is typically made out a thin plastic sheet and a mask.

Some dolls have hair and a wig that goes around the head.

A mask has a small plastic head that goes over the eyes and is attached to the doll.

If a doll isn’t a real part of your life, don’t get attached to a doll.

If it looks real to you, you can always take it back to the store and buy a new doll.