By David Hulshofen, Medical Director, Plastic Surgery Centre, Royal Melbourne Hospital Plastic Surgery has been one of the fastest growing areas of the medical profession, and for good reason.

Many people believe that plastic surgery is a simple procedure which can be performed at home, with the specialist performing the procedure in a safe environment, but in reality, plastic surgery involves a lot more than just surgery.

Many cosmetic procedures are performed in an operating room, or even in a plastic surgeon’s clinic, where the patient receives immediate and intensive care from a professional plastic surgeon.

The surgery itself is a major, but not all, of the procedure.

This article is about plastic surgery for men.

This is a general guideline, it is not meant to cover all plastic surgery procedures, but to provide a general idea of what plastic surgery has to offer for men and their families.

In general, the primary goal of the plastic surgeon is to help the patient achieve and maintain a more natural looking body.

This involves the removal of excess skin, as well as the formation of new tissue and skin.

The cosmetic surgeon is responsible for the following areas of skin that need to be removed: Facial skin – The facial skin of the face, cheekbones, jawline, chin, forehead, forehead bone and eyelashes.

This skin needs to be shaved and cleaned of excess oils and dirt.

Hair – The hair needs to grow back and become healthy.

It can be trimmed or styled, depending on the individual’s preferences.

Lips – This is the area that will be exposed to sunlight, and is where the eyelashes and hair should be removed.

Lashes can be cut, or cut to size to make them longer, and then styled.

Lid – The eyelid should be shaved, with a scalpel.

This area of the skin should be cleaned and then removed, with an eyebrow remover.

Nipple – This area should be covered with a gauze pad to help hold the fluid that is generated during the operation.

Eyebrow – This can be done with an eyedropper, a small incision, or an incision made in the skin around the brow bone.

Eye-socket – The eye socket needs to become functional and flexible.

It needs to support the new eyelids, and to be covered in a tight bandage.

To create the eyelid bandage, a surgeon may need to apply a thin strip of silicone gel to the area, then apply the gel over the entire area of tissue.

This will help to ensure that the skin and tissue are soft and flexible for the surgery.

Lateral skin – This skin is not very important for most men, and should not be removed, but can be easily removed for the cosmetic surgery to go smoothly.

If the lateral skin is a problem, it can be surgically removed.

Hairline – This will need to grow and grow.

It should be trimmed and styled, and it should be pulled back and styled again.

Eyes – These need to come into contact with the surgeon.

It is also important that the eyes remain healthy.

For this surgery, a patient must have a complete eye exam.

For men with a compromised vision, a visual assessment is often performed.

Facial hair removal Facial shaving is a very common cosmetic surgery for women, but it is rarely performed on men.

It involves removing hair from the face that is in direct contact with an artificial surface such as a face plate, or skin that is not natural.

This includes eyebrows, eyelashes, eyelids and eyebrows.

For facial hair removal, a surgical scalpel is used to remove the hair from between the eyebrows and the eyelids.

This may be done in an orbital style, with or without a facial peel.

In some cases, facial hair can be removed with a thin bandage to make it longer, then shaved to shape.

Eyelash removal In most cases, a facial hair reduction surgery is needed to reduce the size of the eyelash.

This can often be done on a regular basis, or a surgical facial reduction can be carried out to reduce eyelashes as well.

Larger eyelashes can often have a very long shelf life, as the skin will continue to grow after it is removed.

This also allows the eyeliner to stay on for longer, as long as the eyelazer is removed from the top of the lashes.

A more extreme form of eyeliner can be created using a surgical eyeliner strip, which can stretch over the eyelilles.

Lotion – Lotion is the skin that covers the inside of the eye.

Lotions are a natural part of our skin, and the most common form of moisturiser for men is a serum or cream.

A normal-weight moisturiser is applied to the skin on the outer surface of the lid, to make the skin feel soft and moisturised.

Lint – This must be removed from your body.

Lubricants and balms