Plastic Army men in plastic army uniforms are going to be shrinking their biceps and shrinking their legs in a new effort to get more people to stop wearing plastic army hats.

Plastic Army members have been wearing plastic helmets since the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until 2011 that the plastic army members finally began to take to the street wearing the hats as part of a broader effort to fight plastic pollution. 

But what does that mean?

In a blog post, Plastic Army’s head of media and communications said the new initiative is intended to raise awareness about the plastic pollution problem and is aimed at reducing plastic consumption. 

In the blog post announcing the new campaign, the Plastic Army said they plan to distribute 50,000 hats to schools in the U.S. The hats are meant to encourage people to wear their hats instead of buying disposable plastic.

They will be sold online and in stores.

Plastic army members who wear the hats will receive $500. 

“It is not just a hat, it is a way of showing the world that this is not about a particular group of people, but a way for us all to step up and start working together in a sustainable way,” Plastic Army wrote in the blog. 

Last year, a group of around 50,500 people marched on Washington to protest the growing plastic pollution in the nation’s capital. 

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